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Salsa Ingredients

The Full Story

Vato Blanco Cinco Salsa was born from the need for something we couldn’t find: a salsa that was natural tasting, preservative free, with great texture, and most of all, delicious!

Originally crafted in a Texas kitchen beginning decades ago, Cinco premium salsas bring a unique blend of layered flavors in our proprietary five-chile pepper recipe combined with other natural ingredients that, together, create a salsa unequaled by any other product on the market.

Cinco is tangy, a little smoky, with a pleasant heat that dissipates quickly. The layered flavor profile makes the taste amazing. All natural with no added sugar or preservatives, our premium salsas taste like the closest thing to freshly made, but with a shelf life. It's also vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free. The unique texture (not chunky, not overly blended) holds up to a chip and is perfect on eggs, tacos, and anything else.


Yeah, we know it's weird, but we also make handmade natural soaps, like our Naked Hippie. And, an aroma spray that will get the right kind of attention. All natural ingredients, essential oils that combine for a woodsy, incensy, natural aroma, unlike any soaps or colognes on the market.

Try one or try them all. Vato Blanco is: The Good Stuff. Naturally.

Scott Morris

Vato Blanco

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